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The Mexican Section of SIAM (MexSIAM) was established in 2000 with the support of Barbara Lee Keyfitz.  The board of the section in charge of the organization and promotion of activities included Humberto Madrid (chair), Pablo Barrera (vice-chair), David Romero (secretary) and Zeferino Parada (treasurer). See this issue of SIAM News for more details.

MexSIAM started its activities with the organization of the SIAM-SMM Session as part of the 34th Congreso Nacional de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana in 2001 with the aim to give colleagues on both sides of the U.S. - Mexico border the opportunity to make contact with each other and motivate mutually benefit collaborations. The session was again organized once again in 2002 and 2003. Pablo Padilla, Pedro Gonzalez Casanova and Roger Knobel were also involved in the organization of those sessions.

In 2018 the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has reinitiated MexSIAM to start activities in 2019. The current officers are Gerardo Hernandez-Duenas (chair, email: ), Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez (vice-chair, email:, Irma García Calvillo (secretary, email: ) and Daniel Olmos-Liceaga (treasurer, email:  Gerardo would like to thank the President Elect of SIAM Lisa Fauci, the Executive Director James Crowley, the Executive Coordinator Annie Imperatrice and the colleagues Johnny Guzman from Brown University and Malgorzata Peszynska from Ohio State University for the help and support in reviving this section.

Among other activities, MexSIAM will organize its annual meeting and also workshops, advanced seminars and summer schools. Joint activities with the Colombian Section of SIAM (CoSIAM) are also planned.

According to SIAM rules of procedure members residing in Mexico are automatically incorporated as members of MexSIAM. We hope you can participate in the activities organized by MexSIAM. Important information and the schedule will be posted in the webpage  and in

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Please contact us for more information about the Section and the activities we are organizing.

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